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In short, they attempt to render her irrelevant by ignoring her—with the most cruel tool of all: silence.

She came up with one great idea, and then repeated it over and over with only slight variation.

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A process associated with the collection and production of intelligence that confirms that an intelligence collection or production requirement is sufficiently important to justify the dedication of intelligence resources, does not duplicate an existing requirement, and has not been previously satisfied.2.

On the surface they might say, “I defend my parents because I love them, don’t want to view them negatively, and don’t want to hurt them.” But the real reason is that they themselves want to avoid the pain of opening old wounds, and the pain of grieving these wounds.

Archeology proved decisively that the battle of Jericho as reported in the Bible "was to put it simply, a romantic mirage." Indeed, the core of the Hebrew Bible was first composed only in the 7 century BC, they insist, and thus "is a product of the hopes, fears and ambitions of the kingdom of Judah." Understanding the role of the tribe and kingdom called Judah, as it turns out, is the key to decoding the origins and meanings of the Bible.

Only briefly did the 12 tribes of Israel united under David and Solomon, according to the Bible, and the united monarchy split into a northern and southern kingdom upon Solomon's death.

), b) that she has an ax to grind (convenient way to absolve abusive parents), c) that she makes the same point over and over again (she often does, from book to book, but at least the point she makes is excellent!

), d) that she doesn’t cite enough outside sources (yes, she does cite her own past books a lot, but at least she’s citing someone with a good point of view), and, e) that her work is not peer reviewed (and thank god for that, because in the published psychology field she’s almost peerless!

In computer modeling and simulation, the process of determining the degree to which a model or simulation is an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended uses of the model or simulation.3.

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Validating the bible introduction

Validating the bible

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