V n aginsky dating and characterizing writing

Case 10 establishes that accelerated aging can also be applied to non-ball-point inks.

The aging parameter used was the extent of extraction into a weak solvent (water:methanol =3:1) of a fluorescent Rhodamine-type dye found in this ink.

Samples taken for accelerated aging were heated in a temperature controlled oven for 30 minutes at 100 degrees C.

Then, these samples were allowed to equilibrate at room temperature for 30 minutes before performing the solvent extractions.

Each aliquot was spotted on a Merck HPTLC plate approximately 3/16″ apart and about 5/8″ up from one end of the plate.

After removal of the last weak solvent aliquot, the remaining weak solvent extract was evaporated in an oven at 80 degrees C.

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Read "Dating the writing age of black roller and gel inks by gas chromatography and UV–vis spectrophotometer. Aginsky, V. N. Dating and characterizing writing. 
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Technical Report With Case Studies on the Accelerated Aging of Ball. Aginsky measures the extraction of ink. V. N. “Dating and Characterizing Writing. 
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Aginsky, V. N. 1998. Identification of ballpoint inks in forged writing strokes on documents by HPLC. Aginsky, V. N. 1996. Dating and characterizing writing. 
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V n aginsky dating and characterizing writing introduction

V n aginsky dating and characterizing writing