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Takato matsuki rika dating fanfiction

But things take a turn for the worst when a strange Digimon make's Tai and all the original Digi Destined disappear, including T. Together they must find thing's called Spirits in order to save their friends and get home, but who's this blond boy with a Terriermon, and why is Ken here?

Status: N/A(Takes place at the same time as "A new Frontier")Takato goes on summer trip to Okinawa with Guilmon, Calumon, Henry, Terriermon and... However once they get there they find out that Digimon are attacking here too!

Will all the Digi Destend groups be able to concur this new threat? Status: N/AAlmost a year since the "United Digi Destend" saved the earth, a strange new Digimon appears in the real world being chased by Leopardmon, one of the Royal Knights', while he is driven off by the effort's of Marcus and Tai, thing's soon take a turn for the worst as more member's of the group start attacking the real world searching the Digmoon, claiming they must destroy the "Catalyst" for their God: Yggdrasill.

Takato Matsuki & Jeri Katou (Jurato) Digimon Sakura Avalon & Li Syaoran Cardcaptors Ash Ketchum & May (Advanceshipping) Pokemon - this was the first Pokemon couple I actually got into.

I was never a Ash/Misty fan, but I don't hate this coupling.

They're really good)Super 8Firefly Serenity The Simpsons Movie Jaws King Kong (Peter Jackson remake)The Hobbit trilogy Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Jr.

ones though the older ones aren't bad at all either)Star Trek (the new movies with Chris Pine as Kirk)Castle in the Sky My Neighbor Tortoro Now You See Me All the Scooby-Doo animated movies so far not the live action ones Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit K-On!

the movie Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess A Certain Magical Index movie: The Miracle of Endymion Justice League: Doom Batman Beyond the movie: Return of Joker Batman Mask of the Phantasm Wreck-it-Ralph Frozen Fav.

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Takato matsuki rika dating fanfiction introduction

Takato matsuki rika dating fanfiction

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