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I thank my friend and partner, Michael Wolff, my marketing director, Donna Villerilli, my executive assistants and secretaries, Mavis Hancock and Shirley Whetstone, without whose help in typing and retyping the manuscript, this book might never have been completed. You'll be more successful in your career and you will feel wonderful about yourself.I thank my friends at Simon & Schuster, especially my editor Bob Bender, for their support and encouragement in the preparation of the manuscript, and without whom this book would not have been possible. You will learn how to unlock the great untapped reserves of potential that lie deep within you.I would like to thank so many people, but I would run out of space, so let me conclude these acknowledgments by thanking my wonderful wife, Barbara, for everything, but especially for patiently putting up with me over the months as I pounded away at this book. To use a simple analogy, life is like a combination lock, only with more nwnbers.

Their insights, observations and experiences have been invaluable to me and indispensable to the writing of this book. Mastery: The Power of Love / 328 Appendixes I 345 r INTRODUCTION • The system you are about to learn can change your life.

INTRODUcn ON 13 The way for you to be happy and successful, to get more of the things you really want in life, is to get the combinations to the locks.

Instead of spinning the dials of life hoping for a lucky break, as if you were playing a slot machine, you must instead study and emulate those who have already done what you want to do and achieved the results you want to achieve. It contains the very best that has ever been discovered about individual achievement, in one place, free of jargon or complexity, ready to be put into action.

It doesn't matter if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or if you came from a deprived background. At the same time, you see men and women with every advantage of background and education who seem to be going nowhere with their lives.

They are working at jobs they don't like, staying in relationships they don't enjoy and functioning far below their potential for achievement and happiness.

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Romances friendship friendships executives dating introduction

Romances friendship friendships executives dating

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