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Anna had a brother named Thomas Donahue there also. Were always happy for what we had and ate meals as a family, *t may have been bologna but we would go around the table and each one talk about our day. High, then bussed to East St Louis High school where I graduated in the Feb class of 1941. I have read many of the responses here thus I would like to contact others. High, you steped up to defend me from some bully who didn't like Catholics.

I was born in St Mary's Hospital East St Louis 1948. Am looking for anyone who went to Clark in 61-64 and knew what ever happened to teacher Clyde Reynolds. We all had a bike that may not be the best; but we got around. We are close even though all live in different states. Does anyone remember "tthe Hawthorne Shop" that sold candy and school supplies? Walked to Jones Park to swim in the "sand bottomed" swimming pool, played tennis, and ice skated on the frozen boating lake. I ended up in the same homeroom as you, John Bowers, Larry Beaver, Pauletta Clark, Georgia Cockran and the homeroom teacher, Mr. I went to Holy Angles grade school with his daughter Norma Jean.

I was saddened some years ago when my google searching for ESL revealed a town of social and economic decline and decay. Great times, great fun at Slade I attended Slade Elementary for all of my elementary school years, 1956-1962. It was not uncommon to hear classroom singing, or have school wide programs where each room performed during Christmas. high in 1972, went to Upward Bound at SIU from 11-12th grades. I grad from East Side 1963 and entered the USMC Jan 1964 devildog6468 @ Terry Whitford Looking for the family of Mrs Mc Mullin that taught @ Clark Jr High in the early 60s' late 50's.

Great friends included Steve Dart, Wayne Ives, and Sherry Waterman. A picture of George Washington hung above the black chalk board in each room. Best friends were Teresa Vardiman & Phyllis Nicolson and Mary Woods. I had an uncle that owned a lumber yard whose name was Robinson.

), Ledell and Sedell Smith, Annabelle Gish, Edward Hall, Ruby Hall.

I would be interested in hearing any news of Steve or anyone else from that area and era. I can only remember 2 of their names Jean (boy) and Sandy (girl) There were 2 sisters that played badmitton in the street for hours. I haven't been back since my grandma Delilah passed away about 6 years ago.. Dad's siblings are Edmund Jr., John (Jack) and Elizabeth Mc Atee. My name was Carole Grenawalt, I'm on classmates but haven't join in sometime. Philip grade school from 61-64, then unfortunately my parents pulled us out, and started driving us to St. Do anyone remember the radio broadcast ever Sunday evening. After75 years your love and repect willcarrying on for many years through the stories told down. For Paula Coombs: Do you know where Lynn Robinson (think her father was principal of Lincoln around the time you graduated and Jewel ??? [email protected](rippelmeyer)I am in search of anyone who knew the claro family. He was called Big Jim or Honest Jim.(james) Does this spend familiar to anyone? It is almost everyone approaching 65 hasnashied just fanashied. Patricks for grade school and then to Notre Dame many fond memories MY HUSBAND ATTENDED c LARK j R h IGH AND WAS ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM THERE THE CURRENT PICTURES I DON'T RECOGNISE I REMEMBER THE OLD DOWMTOWN AREA AND EVERY WEEK TOOK IN A COUPLE MOVIES AT THE majestic THEATERTo Sue Sitterson, your brother Charlie Stufflebean and his wife Linda were great friends of mine. My grandparents lived in La Salle Hills Sadly for me, most of my family has past away EXCEPT for my little sister, Rosalyn Graham and big brother Rodney. I just hope that GOD allow his grace to dwell inside ESL!!! However, I guess we went our separate ways at East Side but I never forgot that first day of school at Landsdown. As an adult have been all over the world and seem much of its best. High History home room teacher in 1964-66) Where are you now ? We regularly shopped at Sears and attended my first movie in downtown. I remember on the rare occasion to eat at Nightspot. Hi everyone its me Stanley Jones again this my third time on this site I didn't get a response from the last time while being on this site,so I guess there is no one out there that remembers the Jones family so Iam out of here,love y'all. Most of us had nothing to do with the demise of ESL, but have everything to do with making it our fondest memories ever.

e-mail [email protected] name is Sharon Winning grew up in the gomper homes,went to Longfellow, Rock,and East Side,class of 65,went to the Longfellow market for lunch,5cent bologna sandwiches,sunken gardens was beautiful,does anyone remember Jack Theiss, Terry Mansker, Billy Redwine? My uncle thought they were amazing and always stated what good girls they were. My grandfather was Joe Billups I lived on Pennsylvania Avenue right across the street from Longfellow grade school and the sunken gardens. Mom's siblings are Tom, Eugene, Harold, Joan, Mark, Albert, Nina and John Touchette. I got in touch with my cousin Shirley, I was so glad to talk to her again. Albert the Great, because the new house was being built and that was going to be our new parish. I keep in touch with her and see her occasionally, to this day, although she moved to Wisconsin in the 70's. Philips is still in existence today, as Sister Thea Bowman school. Every Sunday evening we had to go to church to the broadcast. I wish more parents raise their children the way our parents raised us. Proud to be from East Boogie Looking for a family named Chambers who lived on Kansas Ave. Pop was Willie and worked for the railroad Mona fried the best chicken and cornbread ever. Love, THE SAUNDERSI remember Gula's Shoe Store, I from Parkside neighborhood lived on Russel Avenue. I like so many just found the site I was born in E. i grew up in East St Louis like most all of you i went to the rock my brother Charley Stufflebean live in the area all of his lifemy bestie Mary vosyluis still lives there also if anyone knows them please email me tyi grew up in East St. You are a good guy Don and i hope God blesses you and yours. But like Jackie Joyner Kersey once said" I always took East St Louis with me". Donald White- Danny & Sherry Stout- Dennis & Daniel Jagger-Dennis Rollberg- Anyone who danced and drank at Millas Steak House when I played there with my band in the late 60's - early 70's ?? My father worked most of his life in the area and for a long while as a crane operator at Key Company and they moved to Alabama and my family stayed in Ill. I don't know the name of the drug store on 33rd street but it wasn't Courtney Drug. Is there anyway you could make a section to post old recipes from our favorite eating spots? ESL was scorn with racism, but the real issue was that there was nothing to keep the roots, no development or innovated businesses.

I don't remember their names but I believe the brother and sister were named Miler. (where my father & uncle grew up) until the early 70's. There was a confectionary market right next to Longfellow but I can't recall the name of it. Names back then you may remember Danny & Sherry Stout-Shirley Stell-Donald White-Dan Jaggers-Dennis Rollberg (a good friend and tough kid) History teacher Elmo Bush-Diane Knight-Virginia Harrington- (I seem to remember the girls the best)- Got into the music business a little later, Some musicians from that period were : Darrell Johnson-Jim Thompson-Billy Clark (RIP)Dave Wallick-Polly Flowers & Alan Mann- Jimmy Clark- A few local bands around the mid-sixty's were : The Herd- The God Squad-The Melody Brothers-The Rockin J L's-Brandywine (appeared on the St. All of the Mc Atee and Touchette boys went to Assumption H. I believe all of the Mc Atee and Touchette girls went to St. Dad worked at Price's Restaurant/Drive-In and then the National Stock Yards until he retired. Still looking for those who sign my 65 year book and we didn't get our 66 sign because of late shipment. In fact, this is how I got here to this site, this time, through the search engine, looking to see if St. We used to go from our house to the little market on Marybelle, finding bottles to cash in for candy and other goodies. Looking for friends Debbie Denman, Judy Jones, Anita ? I remember Parkside school, the year streets flooded, being pulled around neighborhood on sled pulled by cars. Louis i use to walk everywhere i went to cannadey elem. Louis in the 50th`s moved to Washington Park in 1961. Hi Everybody, Im David Spencer born 1957 born in St Louis, but raised in the Mighty and great city of East St. There is a lot of people that have some negative thoughts about our city. I don't know if you know Claudette Steele, but I wonder what happen to her after East Side? My dad regularly marched in the Labor Day parade that ended at Jones Park which was very nice. Courtney's was at the corner of 27th and State Street. His name was Garvin Pabst but was best known as Woody. I've written as a guest before and I posted the recipe for Nightmares. I still prefer to remember the good times and lets face it no matter where you grew up, the 50's & 60's were the best times.

This message is for Julia who inquired about a celebration her grandparents attended. Know that Melba married Benny and Carol married Bill. What about Gene, Sandy and Sharon Wallace : I remember the gravel lot next to the store on the corner of Longfellow school around 1963/64 . My mother, Emmaline King (now Mc Hale), was born in ESL in 1928. They had an older brother, Larry, who has since passed. Their parents were Samuel and Eddia King; they both died when my mother was young, so she and Edith moved from ESL in the mid 30's to live with relatives. (Never knew her last name) Don Druse: Related to Ron Druse...lived close to Parson Field..the bus line. High with him...together in homeroom class taught by Cathleen O'Reilly... One day he was there and the next day we were told he no longer was teacing. We are in an upswing that not many communities get to experience. I was born at Christian Welfare and went to St Joseph's which looks like it might then have been St Augustine's. The Moore's lived across the street and another neighbor named Blassingame, I think it was. Louis was athriving community then, I can remember the entire neighborhood sweeping streets after mowing and taking the limbs that had fallen and making a fire for hot dogs and marshmellows. Try being thankful for what you have and sharing meals together; I sincerely believed itis what worked for us. Friday evening we walked to the then Waverly Theater, where we paid ten cents for a ticket. Anyway, I remember Teentown in Washington Park, and you playing the guitar in the Cobra band while Polly Flowers sang for the first time that night.

I believe that celebration was the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of the city of East St Louis. Dennis Rollberg and Billy Redwine got into a pretty good fight, Naturally, Dennis won as always. My mom (88) and Aunt Edith (94) are still going strong. The older men men taught their daughters about 'johnsons' & 2 Avoid situations where you could be trapped. He attended Cahokia high school and played basketball... There were so many girls that I was in class with and we went to the same elementary then junior high and ended up at high school. Looking for the Wright family who lived on 18th 1981-83. They were Juanita, Loretta, Willie, Le Roy, Ralph and Charlie. I almost forgot her real name..all just called her "Old Lady O'Reilly". New Sewer system, Solar power, developing the largest port in the nation and many new housing developments ongoing. My dad, Frank Seitz, worked for Sunny Shields and played drums in the area. My name is Paula Coombs(Brown) I graduated from Lincoln in 62. GOD BLESSfor the guest who posted the names of four female students from jan 69. After the movies, we visited Guyton's Drug store, next door, for an ice cream cone. Some classmates, Winifred Parker, Jimmy Helms, Harriet Kilene, we played in the school orchestra . We left in 1984 and moved to AZ, were I currently reside. Moved out of ESL in 1965, but continued working until we moved the building up to Belleville. Updated Information for La Mar Taylor as I am now living in Houston, Texas by way of Seattle, WA and Atlanta, GA. I also remember you played the song 'Walk Right In Sit Right Down and Daddy Let Your Mind Roll On' in our science class to show everyone how sound was made through vibrating strings on the guitar.

I remember dear friends Wayne Ives, Steve Dart and Sherry Waterman. Louis and she had the longest blk/brown hair and shy. Louis Senior High and Upward Bound SIU Edwardsville IL. We swam at Jones Park, but with the polio scare, that was closed for many summers.

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Johnnys dating lounge dayton ohio introduction

Johnnys dating lounge dayton ohio