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With regards to high impedance/low noise circuitry in capacitor-type mics, there are really only two suitable devices, tubes and JFETs.From there, it’s a matter of stages which are configured, first and foremost, to allow for optimal signal transfer.Because no matter what color it is, it kicked a whole lot of ass in the Best 0 Condenser shootout.We’d set out to identify great “first mics,” which could double as inexpensive studio workhorses even after one’s mic locker gets built out.This is the primary reason why the LSM has no switches, or undue complexity of any sort.The present circuitry actually has the capability to turn the mic into a porcupine of I/O, dials, switches, etc., but we chose not employ any of that.Of course, the functionality doubled later on with the addition of the P48 [phantom-powered analog audio] output, which was an idea put forth by a staff member of Sweetwater during a presentation I gave at their Fort Wayne facility.

I guess the obvious example of an industry-standard capsule that has well-known nonlinearities is the one in the Neumann U87?

[MI is the industry’s term for Musical Instrument products.

–Ed.] The second thing was that there was a specific customer archetype — usually a parent — who wanted a mic that plugged into a computer without a lot of hassle.

Anyhow, Cory asked if I had any interest in designing a USB mic and I said “no.” I did not.

Then, a couple months later, I took his advice to heart and set about designing the mic.

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Interviews with dating gurus brent introduction

Interviews with dating gurus brent

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