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The Grand Canyon, diesel engines, fine china, Spiderman’s psyche, and vaccines all await exploration with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition to the trademark “How Does [insert topic here] Work?

The site's consumer focus, while quite prevalent, is not force-fed.

Along with links to commercial sites and many ads, an article page may also include links to the How Stuff Works Consumer Guide, a partner site that offers product and price comparisons, reviews, and other articles.

Scientists spent 2012 to 2014 burrowing into sediment under the Aucilla River in Florida.

To access the Page-Ladson archaeological site, a deep sinkhole under the river, researchers had to reach the riverbed 11 feet (3.4 meters) below the surface of the water, then dig another 15 feet (4.6 meters) into the sediment and soil.

At almost 15 millennia, this unassuming spot on private property near Tallahassee, Florida, is now the oldest radiocarbon-dated archaeological site in the southeastern United States, and the oldest-known underwater site in all the Americas. They were so-named for the tips of sophisticated hunting tools first found near Clovis, New Mexico.The topics that are iffy for younger kids -- drugs, alcohol, sex, weapons, etc. Parents should be aware that sponsored search results and Google Ads may contain inappropriate content." /Kids can learn in-depth information about any subject ranging from culture to science.As the title implies, she confronts her share of vampires, but Buffy also dispatches other fiends, including a psychotic god, a giant praying mantis and a crazed preacher. Buffy's sidekicks are an impressive force, including a school librarian, a teen witch, a guy with a crush and a vampire cursed with a soul.When facing antagonists, Buffy is queen of the one-liners. Though there is always a crisis, Buffy takes it in stride: "If the apocalypse comes, beep me" [source: Harnick and Prudom].

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Howstuffworks how online dating works introduction

Howstuffworks how online dating works

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