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Egyptian dating rituals

Humans, probably mostly so-called rebels or foreign prisoners of war, were apparently only rarely put to death as part of an execration ritual.Animals considered the embodiment of some god or daemon were sacrificed more frequently, e.g.Others, like a number of statuettes found buried in the floor of a chapel at Saqqara, represented enemies of the state, like foreign chiefs and kings, or of the world order, and were probably destroyed in official rituals.The figurines were often buried, sealed up in the ground, but at times they were destroyed by covering their heads with linen and enclosing them in a ball of clay which was imprinted with the marks of netting and inscribed with hieroglyphs meaning 'to seal' and 'to beat'.

The Egyptians of the Graeco-Roman period, when private execration rituals experienced a heyday, often used ancient formulas translated into Greek, a tradition which later influenced the magic of the Arabs.The dead too had enemies, some of them belonging to the spiritual world, others being human.An inscription in the tomb of a lector-priest addressed himself to the latter.It is unknown who the deceased was or why he was killed, but the way of his death is consistent with the ritual execution of a rebel or criminal, and the burial place suggests that he was probably of Nubian origin.In most execration ceremonies objects were substituted for bodies.

In the eyes of the Ancient Egyptians the world was a dangerous place, where the unexpected might happen at any time, and its order had to be defended day in, day out.

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Egyptian dating rituals introduction

Egyptian dating rituals

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