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Denomination dating blues

interview, Dion described what attracted him to Jerome: "He was a pretty uppity guy. He was so bright; he was like, 'C'mon, get over it!

' He couldn't be around people so he lived in this cave. I thought you had to be humble to become a saint, but a priest told me it takes all kinds to make it to heaven.

I figure he's like us, a little like us." These ideas are reflected in Dion's additions to Mc Ginley's original poem, especially in the third verse: "You can't get through life just being nice—ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ," and "Love without truth is just sentimental—truth without love is sterile." Jerome is an iconoclast in an age of political correctness and despairing relativism masked by tolerance.

Dion's "The Thunderer" echoes his friend Bob Dylan's dream of Augustine, in which Dylan speaks through the fiery church father to call for modern people to wake from their complacent age, when "no martyr is among you now." Dion told the , "The blues is the naked cry of the human heart, apart from God. They're searching to be home." How natural, then, to sing of Jerome, who "Worked to save / The world from the heathen; / Fled to a cave / For peace to breathe in, / Promptly wherewith / For miles around / He filled the air / With fury and sound." Now more than ever, we need to hear voices like Dylan or Augustine, Dion or Jerome, who can gather up in "fury and sound," music and lyrics, the restlessness of our hearts and call us back to God.

“The Gospel records that He built one church and that all saved people were in that church,” writes David Pratt.

“He prayed for unity and rebuked division.” In 1 Corinthians , the Apostle Paul pleaded “let there be no divisions among you!

One answer might be Dion Di Mucci's personal journey.

Many know Dion as the voice behind "The Wanderer" or as the one who turned down a seat on that fateful plane with Buddy Holly "the day the music died." He was famous enough in the 1960s to have his face appear on The Beatles' album.

On a visit to Rome, Dion mentioned a quotation of Jerome's to his friend Mike Aqualina: "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." Aqualina responded, "The Thunderer"—alluding to a poem by Phyllis Mc Ginley, who in the late 1950s published poems on several famous saints.

We are excited to share this story in , a new book by Corcoran accompanied by recordings made by Phillips between 1927-29.

To ensure a superior listening experience, we tracked down the most pristine original copies of Phillips’ 78-rpm records, created high resolution transfers and had the audio expertly remastered for the best-sounding Phillips reissue to date.

That decade brought Dion both a love affair with blues music and a religious conversion.

He went on to befriend leading evangelical pastors such as Chuck Swindoll and Greg Laurie in the 1980s.

We need people who shake us up and challenge our complacency—who expose the neediness of the modern world and its yearning for something more.

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Denomination dating blues introduction

Denomination dating blues

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