Dating scorpio man long distance

On the first night we talked to the wee hours and he had said that since we have so much chemistry in all the other areas could he kiss me to see if we have chemistry physically.I said yes and it was the most incredible kissing session ever!!!!Then we spent another night out together and had another incredible night of talking and making out!He came away from the kiss and said that it had been a very long time since a kiss made him dizzy and I was dizzy as well!!!I do think this is an important question to ask b/c why even get involved in seeing where it leads if I am not willing to relocate. I have NO idea if this is or will be anything, so I don't have my head in the clouds and I am acting like a mature and level-headed woman on this.I have already been contacted recently by a couple of other men that are local and we are making plans to meet so I am not putting my eggs in one basket already..

Yes he seems interested IMO but it seemed more physical and casual, only time will tell if he felt the connection on an emotional level, the only way he's going to attempt to move forward is if he felt something on an emotional level, something that stood out for me is he asked for a kiss so soon which means I want sex which means on some level it was part of his agenda which is not necessarily all bad but that would wear on my nerves if my agenda was to find a boyfriend yet maybe your not looking for that and thus he picked up on that and moved right into some casual fun but every woman has her level of physical comfort.It's crazy b/c I have had my profile hidden most of the time on the dating site but I just happened to make it public again the day he messaged me!He has been texting me since he went home and that is so nice but I already miss him! Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown Sun Taurus 16.02 Moon Cancer 26.32 Mercury Aries 19.37 Venus Taurus 22.28 Mars Virgo 10.21 Jupiter Gemini 3.12 Saturn Pisces 15.03 Uranus Virgo 10.45 R Neptune Scorpio 18.43 R Pluto Virgo 13.47 R Lilith Capricorn 23.14 Asc node Gemini 13.59 Aspects The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal chart. Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value Sun Conjunction Venus 6.26 364 Sun Trine Mars 5.41 46 Sun Sextile Saturn 0.59 211 Sun Trine Uranus 5.16 44 Sun Opposition Neptune 2.41 -168 Sun Trine Pluto 2.15 79 Moon Trine Neptune 7.49 4 Venus Opposition Neptune 3.45 -158 Mars Opposition Saturn 4.42 -96 Mars Conjunction Uranus 0.24 345 Mars Conjunction Pluto 3.26 184 Saturn Opposition Uranus 4.18 -73 Saturn Trine Neptune 3.40 33 Saturn Opposition Pluto 1.16 -86 Uranus Conjunction Pluto 3. -581 841 Asteroids & Chiron The following table shows the positions of the four major asteroids and Chiron.I don't "know" if he likes me enough to even pursue anything further and I know that only time will tell.This is just to kick around if he seems interested as in his signals/words spoken and whether other people had thoughts and ideas on long distance relationships.

Chemistry for men doesn't mean love nor does it mean swept away so much so that I only want ONE woman.

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Dating scorpio man long distance introduction

Dating scorpio man long distance

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