Dating ibanez serial number

Sung Eum Factory Example serial number E9052345 E=Sung Eum 9=1999 05= May So 01=Jan 12=Dec 2345= 2345th guitar built for that month I=IIDA Gakki (according to Jim Donahue made some AR300 models in the mid 1980's after Fuji stopped making set necks) Korean Built Ibanez P: Peerless factory in Pusan W=World Factory Example Serial Number WX32149 X=October..goes like this for the build months 1=Jan 2=Feb 3=Mar 4=Apr 5=May 6=Jun 7=July 8=Aug 9=Sep X=Oct Y=Nov Z=Dec 3=2003 2149= 2149th guitar built for that month.

Cort Factory Acoustics and Electrics start with C eg C03071234 C=Factory 03=2003 07=July 1234=1234th guitar built for that month Samick S=Factory, 90-95 Saehan Factory: acoustics start with SQ, electrics start with S (after '95) Sae-In Factory starts with A These other factories follow the same serial number pattern as the Cort Korean factory.

Not guitars I deal with so details I don't particularly concern myself with I noticed this right away on my RFR.

My original guess was that the headstock and the neck joint plate number were supposed to be the same, but someone dumped the bag o' heel joint plates all over the factory floor and got them out of order.

The first one to three letters of a model name generally indicates the series to which that model belongs.

The series code usually is an abbreviation of the series name.

Last but not least, a word about finishes: it is important to know that the color of the guitar is NOT part of the model number.

will an ibanez jem neck fit on an ibanez ex series body?These can be thought of as versions of the typical naming convention with the ones digit truncated.An example of this naming strategy is the RG655, which is a six-string guitar with pickguard-mounted pickups in an HSH configuration.For guitars of recent vintage, the model number is often stamped or painted on the reverse of the instrument's headstock.For earlier instruments, the information in this article along with the serial number can be used to ascertain the model number.

The second (tens) digit identifies the quality class (as described above for the hundreds digit in the typical naming system).

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Dating ibanez serial number introduction

Dating ibanez serial number

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