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In short, their conclusions simply reiterate the points I made in my Acid-Alkaline series, and demonstrate that the acid-ash hypothesis of osteoporosis has no scientific backing.But perhaps the most interesting thing about this particular study on milk is the authors’ assertion that dairy isn’t even acid-forming in the first place!Because of their phosphate content, milk and other dairy products are usually considered ‘acid-producing’ foods under this hypothesis.Thus, proponents claim that even though dairy contains calcium and other nutrients that can be used to build bone, dairy’s acidifying effect on the body outweighs its calcium content and results in a net loss of bone density.(4) And in Polish women, higher dairy consumption during childhood and adolescence predicted better bone health as adults.(5)Although you won’t see me sporting a milk mustache in a “Got Milk?This claim is especially common in vegan-oriented alternative health media, but also comes up in other internet realms, including those with a Paleo orientation.

scientific evidence,” the authors review both the acid-ash hypothesis as a whole and the specific claim that dairy contributes to osteoporosis.

This is why your urine changes p H depending on what you eat.

It’s just a sign that your kidneys are doing their job!

The authors cite two studies that indicate that milk actually leaves an alkaline ash as opposed to an acid ash, based on measurements of urine p H and net acid excretion (NAE) following milk ingestion in clinical trials.

(Remember, this doesn’t mean that milk raises serum p H. ) So not only is the hypothesis itself wrong; the application of the hypothesis is wrong too, at least in the case of dairy.

I do a lot of myth-busting around here, and it’s usually conventional wisdom that crumbles in the face of scientific evidence.

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Adult video chat by checking account introduction

Adult video chat by checking account

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