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Adult chat liege

He lifted his gaze against the light, and met eyes the color of a summer sky.They were set in a heart shaped face, wreathed by a sunlit cloud of Botticelli curls.It was like standing before an infinite void, an unknown and intangible abyss ready to consume him. Betrayed, broken, all his grand ambitions lost in the debris of battle, and an inevitable emptiness swallowing his consciousness by degrees, it's progress slow and deceptively painless.And then, from above, he heard a voice, lyrical and warm.Many of the independent minded strong willed young women who chafed at husbandly authority, command & control over their bodies, fates & derrieres suddenly seemed to perk up in spirit & rebelliousness as glowing embers flare up on a gust of windy oxygen at this open display of Total Feminine Suzerainty over Her Majesty's owned male chattel beginning with Her hapless hubby & including all the macho warriors in Her Commando Strike Claws!! ] Coldly His Sovereign barked out a curt Command "Mathilda, lift skirts & present your lazy bum to His Highness's Riding Crop, humbly & gratefully!! "why can't my moron hubby be so docile & obedient" felt many a jealous young matron on the field that day , hot angry tears pricking eyelids in frustration at being crushed under insensitive male chauvinist patriarchy!!Some of their wet pussies were dribbling pre-cum in anticipation of the sniveling Royal Male Sissy's further humiliations at the hand & feet of Her Most Royal Majesty!! " The terrified beauty continued to belabor the Sissy with one hand & lifted her skirts to present pink, pantied rump to His Highness: the Royal Consort & Favored One!! "as usual My Darling you have surpassed my expectations in the task I set you!!

" Her clear Command rang out ..chilling authority ..of the masochists in the ground inadvertently stiffened in their breeches at this blatant display of Imperial Womanly Authority, Majesty concomitant with meek male subservience, obedience & a totally servile lack of self-respect!! " A soft, dazzling smile broke out on the Royal Countenance as She turned to Her Imperial Favorite: Her Humble Hubby!! " Johnnie's face lighted up at the prospect & he deferentially bowed blond head to His Royal Lady in most humble gratefulness..adoring Public lapped it up the daily soap opera publicly put up by the Royal Domme & Her Loyal Sub[ or is it Hub??!! ] Jealously the assembled Ladies watched her effortless Mistressing over the superbly athletic Commando whom She Owned, Queened, Disciplined & Ruled Strictly & also Loved to utter distraction as well!!

" There was pin drop silence at this assertion as the audience heard Her Royal Assertion & Anointment of Her Own Sex as the Ruling Caste!!

& then there was a thunderous response from the assembled Womenfolk "YAAAAAAAAA!!

His Most Royal Owner held out a graceful, gloved hand & Her Imperial Riding Crop appeared like magic in the hands of a smirking henchwoman[ Her Majesty duly noted the superior smirk with a furious mental note to Herself "Oh so we are uppity this morning, is it Mathilda you dare to sneer at My Beloved???!! When he could hold his breath no longer he gave a small imperceptible nod which his darling sweetheart-cum-wife immediately cued upon & She instantly ceased Her Reign of Fire on his muscular Butt-cheeks & thighs!!

later this evening you shall feel this crop on your stupid thick hide, vile maidservant, I promise thee!! One delicate, dainty stiletto-ed foot was placed on Her Loyal Vassal's bare neck to provide Public Evidence of Total Ownership of Her Consort, Toy-Boy & Hubby!! " commanded the Queen Recently in a daring raid Her Commando Strike Force ably led by Her Toy boy had abducted the neighboring Tyrant's son --a sniveling, coward & 'Mommy's Boy' who had once dared to woo Her Most High Majesty in a bid to usurp Her Queenwood.

& Her female subjects found release of their pent up frustrations at their own Male-Chauvinist husbands in watching their Ruler publicly humbling Her husband, slave boy & plaything even though it was they who nightly were soundly spanked, whipped or flogged under their respective husbands' or Male lovers' heavy hands!! Proffer up your meaty haunches for a whipping at the Royal Majestic hands of your Wife, Ruler & Queen!!

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Adult chat liege introduction

Adult chat liege

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