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Kalala Specialty: In addition to Ozone Sauna Therapy we offer EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy), Bio Energy, Reiki, Emotion Code, John of God / Crystal Healing Bed, Photon Sound Beam, Infrared and Ozone Sauna Therapy, Biomagnetism, Fractal Mandala Sessions and much more. Kalala for more information and to book an appointment. Seema Kanwal ND Balance Medical Center 1590 West 7th Ave Vancouver BC V6J 1S2 Tel: 604-569-0488 Fax: 604-229-2088 Email: [email protected]:

Balance Specialty: Prolozone, Major Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation.

We use a modern, scientific approach to help patients restore vitality, health and wellness to their lives. Martin Kwok ND Richmond Alternative Medical Clinic 150 - 7340 Westminster Hwy Richmond, BC V6X 1A1, Canada Tel: 604-207-0167 Fax: 604-273-22013 Web Site: C, Canada V3H 2B5 Tel: 604-939-4325 Email: [email protected]:

Balance Medical Center is a physician run centre for Integrative Medicine in Fairview Slopes, Vancouver.Upper Tantallon, NS, B3Z 2J6 Tel: 902-820-3443 Fax: 902-820-3440 Email: [email protected]: Prolozone Ozone Injections, Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation.We also provide Intravenous Vitamin C, Myers Cocktail, Neural Prolotherapy, Nutritional Counselling, Herbal Medicine, and Acupuncture. Mac Leod provides safe and effective treatments which blend ancient traditional medicine with modern science and research. Rade ND Naturopathic Doctor Lower Sackville Wellness Center 546 Sackville Drive Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2S2 CANADA Tel: 902-830-4615 Email: [email protected]: Ozone Injections, Neural Therapy, Neural Prolotherapy, IV Therapy, Chelation, Full Spectrum of Naturopathic Treatments Dr. Eric Arrata ND Eclipse Health Group 6620 Crowchild Trail SW Calgary AB T3E 5R8 Tel: 403-270-9355 Fax: 403-237-0747 Web Site: Prolozone, Major Ozone Autohemotherapy, Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, UV Therapy, Biological Medicine, Naturopathic Pediatrics, Women's Health, Longevity Medicine. The Optimum Wellness Clinic is a very busy multi-doctor facility offering personalized and validated natural therapies, treatments and programs. Fresh Specialty: Prolozone Ozone Injections, Major and Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP, Bio-Identical Hormone Profiling, Intravenous Therapy, Detoxification Treatments. Clinic Motto: "We are leaders in Optimizing Wellness". Old European Natural Medicine 7620 Farrell Road, SE Calgary AB T2H 0T8 Tel: 403-966-7107 Fax: 403-454-9938 Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone IV, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Osteopathy (eliminates tension and pain), Clavitherapy (Eliminates chronic diseases) For more information see our website... Deb Heald ND Fresh Medicine 607 8th Ave, Suite 230 Calgary AB T2P 0A7 Tel: 403-640-4325 Email: [email protected]:

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Adult cam spokane web introduction

Adult cam spokane web

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